Updated Every Thursday

October 10th, 2010Posted by admin

Welcome to all our new visitors who read about the site in the new issue of Niagara Business! I hope you enjoy the site and (more importantly) I hope you’ll contribute some suggestions of places in Niagara you’d like to see profiled. This is a community driven site so I’d love to feature your ideas and help explore the region together.

While we’ve been on this schedule for nearly a month now I felt I should make it official: CheckInNiagara.com will be updated every Thursday for the foreseeable future. That’s a commitment. If I can do more I will. If it’s Friday morning and there’s no new episode posted, you have my permission to harass me on Twitter, Facebook or wherever else.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to know when a new episode is on the way and you’re not on Facebook and Twitter every minute of the day (perish the thought) you can sign up for our old-timey traditional email list. We’ll only email you when a new episode goes up.

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