Episode 20: Haulage Road Trail

January 20th, 2011Posted by admin

The Haulage Road Recrational Trail is a short trail in the city’s north end. The kilometer and a half trail stretches from St. Paul Avenue up to Mountain Road, near the corner of Mountain and Dorchester. At Mountain the trail exits at the upper entrance of Fireman’s Park, one of the city’s largest greenspaces outside of the Niagara Parkway area and an spot on the Bruce Trail. At St. Paul the Haulage Road trail ends next to the infamous Queens House Tavern (or the Queen’s Coach Restaurant, if you’re more in the mood for breakfast than OV).

This trail is what remains of a series of truck haulage roads that were used by Ontario Hydro during the 1950’s. During the construction of the Sir Adam Beck II hydroelectric generating station these roads were used to remove rocks and dirt excavated from a site on the Niagara River to pits in the north end of the city. Adam Beck II began generating in 1954 and the majority of the haulage roads were incorporated back into the growing city. The Haulage Road Trail is one of the last remaining original stretches.

The Trail passes through the Solar Neighborhood Park where a cairn stands to memorialize the workers who constructed Niagara’s hydroelectric plants. It was dedicated in 2005.

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