Big Niagara’s vision, Little Niagara’s parochialism

March 3rd, 2011Posted by admin

Walter Sendzik from the St. Catharines Chamber of Commerce has a spot on editorial running in the local papers today. I touched on the parochialism of this region in the very first episode of so it’s thrilling to see it discussed so prominently.

Indeed, few can argue that in Niagara there is a Big Niagara and a Little Niagara mentality.

Big Niagara is about positioning the region within a new, rapidly changing global economic environment. It’s about reinforcing strengths, seeking opportunities and speaking with one voice. It’s about looking up and out.

Tackling the big issues — poverty, unemployment, a crumbling health-care system, a lagging economy and putting in place bold plans for a brighter future.

Little Niagara is about parochialism. It’s about a Niagara that is rooted in a 20th-century mentality — 12 municipalities pitted against each other fighting for their own self interests, and fighting against regional government. It’s about duplication of services, over-governance and a “me-first” attitude.

Read the full article at the Welland Tribune.

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