Episode 27: Wintergreen Flats

June 11th, 2011Posted by admin

The Niagara Glen is one of my favourite places in the Niagara Region, and it’s entering into a new phase of its long existence with a renewed commitment to conservation from the Niagara Parks Commission. The conservation area has thankfully emerged from an awkward decade that saw half of it’s upmost terrace, the Wintergreen Flats, fenced off and used to house a woodcarving park. With the fence now down and a the visitor’s centre revamped to focus on education and land stewardship, things are looking up.

The Wintergreen Flats encompass the greenspace next to the Niagara Parkway that overlooks the river. It caps the land in Lockport Limestone, rock formed 400 million years ago when a salt water ocean covered the region. For a period from 7 or 8 thousand years ago the Falls of Niagara fell here, dropping 37 meters over the land that is now the Flats. The falls at this time was split by and island (much as it is today) and the evidence of both cascades can be seen here. The island that split them is now the rock formation we call the Stern of the Great Eastern, but that’s our next episode…

A huge thanks goes out to Jim Brown, maintainer of the very cool Niagara History and Trivia Facebook Group and former Parks naturalist, for educating me in the finer points of Glen history.

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